December 26th, 2006

ready to play

[open post ♥]

*somewhere, in a room a little out of the way, a floppy-haired Dio is curled up on a smallish couch, hair in his eyes and sweatshirt folded to the side, as he's bent over his guitar, tuning it with painstaking attention to detail*

*the only evidence that he's acknowledged the holiday of yesterday (Christmas, we mean) is the fact that if you get too close, he's going to smell an awful lot like pine* *if your name is Jordan and today is your birthday, he has a little something for you; that'd be the reason for the small black bow tied around the neck of the brand new acoustic guitar leaning against the couch next to him*

*if you're anyone else, he'd likely appreciate the company anyway, to distract him from his thoughts*
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