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1) Would screwierthanyou go out with thesamelie? I can't see that one working.
2) What video game does angeloffire_ remind you of? Something with way too many irritating flashing lights.
3) What mental disorder does angeloffire_ remind you of? ADD.
4) What would angel_afire give trueavenger for his/her birthday? How should I know?
5) What would you do if iwannabethe died? Breathe a sigh of relief.
6) Are vacantheaven and solvetsaeclum going steady? ...no.
7) What would you do if you found out solvetsaeclum has a crush on you? I couldn't complain too much. The sex would be fantastic and I do love him.
8) What flavor of jello would angelicguard be? Something weak and runny.
9) Is camerastealsoul dead sexy? *faint grin* Of course.
10) Do you have a crush on solvetsaeclum? No.
11) If screwierthanyou were hanging off a cliff, what would angel_afire do? Pull him back up.
12) Where was messofinnocence born? Greece.
13) Is thesamelie related to you? Yes. We're half-siblings.
14) Is savagelystill single? Not anymore.
15) Has savagelystill dyed their hair? She has before, yes.
16) Is trueavenger an emo? *...snorts* No.
17) One thing you can't stand about heavensbowed? His relentless enthusiasm.
18) Is vacantheaven a college student? I don't actually know.
19) Do you have solvetsaeclum's screenname? Obviously I do.
20) What is screwierthanyou's biggest flaw? Thinking it was a good idea to give me a vibrating yam for my birthday.
21) Does savagelystill travel a lot? No more than anyone who's half Greek, half Hades.
22) Is screwierthanyou friends with therainbowsheep? I doubt it.
23) Could you see heavensbowed and screwierthanyou together? No.
24) Is angelicguard related to angel_afire? He's her father.
25) What is vacantheaven allergic to? Is he allergic to anything?
26) How tall is iwannabethe? Shorter than me.
27) Is riveroffire 1337? No. Not at all.
28) Are savagelystill and camerastealsoul married? I sincerely hope not.
29) What is twelvestones's favorite movie? I doubt he knows what movies are.
30) Have you flirted with camerastealsoul? All the damn time.
31) Is screwierthanyou in a relationship? Unfortunately for the rest of us.
32) If angelicguard and _god_of_war_ were spliced together, what would it be like? Absolutely fucking terrifying.
33) Would trueavenger and _god_of_war_ make a good couple? No. Definitely not.
34) Are savagelystill and vacantheaven going out? Not unless they're not telling me something.
35) Would solvetsaeclum and _god_of_war_ look good together? They would and they have.
36) Is _god_of_war_ your best friend? ...no.
37) What animal does terrorordelight remind you of? One of those long-haired cats.
38) Which president would invertedtoo be likely to idolize? I would have no idea.
39) What would messofinnocence do differently in your shoes? Just about everything.
40) Does trueavenger smoke? Not that I know of.
41) Thoughts on invertedtoo? She's hot and a good conversationalist.
42) If _god_of_war_ took over the world, who would be happy? No one but him.
43) What comic book character would messofinnocence be? I don't know anything about comic books.
44) What is twelvestones's favorite band/artist? Us, I'd hope. *grins*
45) If angel_afire and riveroffire were spliced together, what would be its name? Seraphon Hades?
46) Is savagelystill a nerd? No, she's my sister.
47) What planet should angeloffire_ be from? Mars.
48) Do therainbowsheep and camerastealsoul go to the same school? No.
49) One quality you find attractive in riveroffire? *...fdjskfls* ...he's a good shot.
50) Does iwannabethe know terrorordelight? I don't think so.
51) What exotic animal would riveroffire like as a pet? ...an angel. He already has one of those, though.
52) What is trueavenger's shoe size? Why is this relevant?
53) What color should _god_of_war_ dye their hair? I don't care what he does with his hair.
54) Would angelicguard be a better ninja or pirate? Ninja.
55) savagelystill's hair color? Black.
56) If iwannabethe and messofinnocence were siamese twins, where would they be joined? ...whatever the most annoying body part is.
57) What do you agree with terrorordelight about? A lot of things. She's my sister.
58) What animal should angelicguard be combined with? Something fluffy.
59) What do you disagree with twelvestones about? Not very much. I think he's gorgeous and he disagrees.
60) Have you ever dated angeloffire_? ...no.
61) Where did you first meet solvetsaeclum? Mount Olympus. We were little.
62) How many monkeys could invertedtoo fight at once and win against? Probably a hell of a lot.
63) Is camerastealsoul introverted or extroverted? Extroverted, usually.
64) If riveroffire had a superpower, what would it be? Being a goddamn fucking heartless bastard.
65) Does screwierthanyou have a big secret? How would I know?
66) Would you make out with savagelystill? ...no.
67) Did therainbowsheep break up with you? No, and he'd better not break up with April.
68) What song/movie would you recommend to angel_afire? *insert something he and April've written*
69) If angel_afire was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? I honestly don't know.
70) How would angelicguard conquer the world? Oppressive caring.
71) Would you ever date therainbowsheep? I doubt it.
72) What would _god_of_war_ think of riveroffire? He wants to fuck him, my father hates him. *suppressesthegodamnemo*
73) Where would therainbowsheep most like to visit? Wherever April is.
74) Where was thesamelie born? Mount Olympus, again.
75) What rank would twelvestones have in a giant robot army? *...oddlooks* He wouldn't.
76) If vacantheaven took over the world, who would suffer? Would anyone?
77) Is messofinnocence athletic? In a manner of speaking.
78) Does therainbowsheep have a dog? How would I know?
79) Would you wrestle savagelystill in jello? ...no.
80) What is camerastealsoul's favorite game? Bondage.
81) Does _god_of_war_ have a crush on angeloffire_? That's disgusting.
82) What word best describes _god_of_war_? Stupid.
83) If iwannabethe commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Not me.
84) What is angel_afire's favorite food? Again: how would I know?
85) What languages does angel_afire speak? I don't know. It's not like I ever got the chance to know my father's kids.
86) How long have you known iwannabethe? Not short enough.
87) Which of your friends should terrorordelight go out with? ...none of them.
88) Does twelvestones do drugs? No.
89) When did you last call _god_of_war_? Never.
90) Is invertedtoo a high school student? I don't think so.
91) Do you think angel_afire is hot? Sure.
92) How would invertedtoo kill angel_afire? Why would she?
93) Has angelicguard been to your house/dorm? Not often or lately.
94) Is twelvestones popular? He should be.
95) Does iwannabethe go to your school? Thankfully, no.
96) How long would invertedtoo dating angel_afire last? That would be weirdly hot. Hm.
97) savagelystill's eye color? Green.
98) Would you set up _god_of_war_ and vacantheaven? Absolutely not.
99) What is twelvestones's favorite color? ...damn. I should know this.
100) Does angeloffire_ drink? Not regularly.

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